Printer Cartridge Recycling

Office1st is an organisation conscious of the impact our social and environmental contributions can have. Our recycling scheme is an industry-leading solution for environmentally responsible printer cartridge return and recycling. It’s free and easy for businesses to participate and we make sure that returned original cartridges never end up as landfill.

Running for a number of years, the scheme has diverted thousands of tons of harmful waste from landfill whilst making a significant contribution towards our customers’ own green initiatives.

It’s free to participate and by doing so you’re making a commitment to reducing the negative impact you have on the world around you.


Environmentally-Friendly Products

With a range of 2,000+ environmentally friendly products to choose from, we make it easy to buy sustainably. We’re also constantly introducing new products, systems and initiatives to cut our carbon footprint down to size. This includes developing our industry-leading online e-procurement system that provides paperless ordering and invoicing.

Office Recycling

As a company, we don’t like waste and we don’t believe in selling poor quality products that quickly end up as landfill. To help you minimise office waste, we only supply quality durable products delivered in best fit recycled packaging and offer a range of waste management and recycling services to help reduce the environmental impact of everyday consumables like printer cartridges and paper.

Office1st is on the constant look out for products that are friendly to the environment. We not only sell over 3,000 products that are aimed to help the environment but we actively promote them. Over the past 2 years office1st has been promoting its Perfect Green Toners, our most reliable and environmentally friendly toners to date. We also recognise the importance of reducing waste that is taken to landfills, so we have set up a recycling service on all our ranges of toners.

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